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U.S. Gov't/DVA Dilemma/Possible Class Action

REVISED: March 24, 2010 @ 9:10am
Re-revised: July 30, 2010 @ 7:17

Dear Fellow Veterans,

It has come to a point in my life, and I am sure in yours, where I am so fed up with this agency and their incompetent ways, that I have to resort to desperate measures to acquire what I am entitled to!

Since 1976 (35 years or so), my Constitutional rights have been stomped on, my entitlement to specific disability benefits, and even my right to file an FTCA claim have been DENIED(FTCA based on Deliberate Concealment tactics that the VA is popular for)! Past case law has reflected a history of Deliberate concealment by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA hereafter).

This agency has ignored relevant evidence submitted, past BVA Administrative Law Judges never addressed any additional doctors statements made and a few of the DVA doctors are known to render misleading statements to outright lies about conditions, due to their inexperience, lack of education in your conditions, or just because they work for the DVA, etc.

Back in January of 2010, being fed up with this treatment, I demanded that the Appeals Management Center resolve my claim, which is 8 years old. I gave the AMC 60 days to comply. Instead, some slob decided that I was to report for another C&P exam. I EXPLODED!

What is happening here, is a manager or someone in the legal department (who I spoke with in January '10) is Calling my Bluff, by sending a Trump Card on March 11 and they are testing my patience, using their usual retaliatory/intimidation game.

March 12, 2010, was the deadline, and they deliberately sent my file back to the RO for a C&P exam?! My last was April 2009.
I'm refusing to comply based on the fact that I do not trust the incompetent, inexperienced doctors at my local clinic. My conditions are Orthopedic/Neurological related. There are NONE of these doctors at my local clinic. The closest are a little less than 2 hours away in Durham, NC.

You would think that they would send me to an Ortho doctor in Durham, THEN I would comply.
Oh, wait...I was denied THAT RIGHT also, when I requested it a few years back!

This is just a ploy that they are using to gather more incriminating evidence, being that I have private doctor statements that say different. My case is damning to the DVA, and they want the Preponderance of Evidence to prevail. Well, they're NOT GETTING IT!

A majority of you may say that the law protects the DVA, from Veterans who refuse to comply...You are right, it does, HOWEVER, ALWAYS review your decision rendered by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).
My BVA decision ORDERED the RO to schedule me for an ORTHOPEDIC exam...not a C&P rendered by someone with a general experience in orthopedics. That is my argument.
I also insisted on the credentials (from an accredited University) of the examiner...the VA FAILED to comply.
Is this to far fetched to ask? NO!
The question we must start asking is: If we can go to a private doctor, we see their degree on their wall showing their accomplishments/specialties in their field.
WHY is it different when you walk into a DVA doctors office? Shouldn't they be proud of their Accomplishments/Area of Expertise/Degree?
How am I supposed to know if this wasn't an "F" student. How do I know that this isn't a doctor who may be a specialist in Internal Medicine, but doesn't have a clue about MY conditions?!
We REALLY must question the validity of some of these doctors. I strongly believe that this is a root of the many DVA problems.

I also worked at my local RO, and the politics are fierce. People at these ROs' are on a Quota Bonus, and must resolve so many claims at a given time, otherwise they are Written Up. If they are written up 3 times, they are either demoted or terminated for not performing.

So, if you have a complex claim, you have a snowballs chance in hell of prevailing, and/or receiving your just due benefit amount.

As I had mentioned, Doctors are another problem...

Ask yourself this question...
WHY do doctors choose to work as a physician, under the Gov't umbrella, when they can make substantially more in private practice?

I'm going to list several, which I believe are the reasons...
#1) The majority of them were doctors in the Armed forces...
#2) These doctors are just starting off in their careers and are getting hands on experience...
#3) Some of these doctors are here because they cannot afford to start their own private practice...
#4) These doctors are unable/unwilling to pay for the high cost of Medical Malpractice insurance, and are somewhat protected under the DVA umbrella.
#5) A number of these doctors may have had a Malpractice suit brought against them or in the least were not viewed favorably by their patients...
#6) A number of doctors are winding down in their careers and the DVA offers a good retirement plan.
#7) A number of doctors DO CARE for the Veteran...
#8) A number of doctors are from another part of the world, and want to practice in the U.S..

Giving Credit, where credit is due...
There are a few really good doctors in the DVA system, however, most of them are in my opinion, don't know what they're doing.
I've had arguments with a lot of them, but there's that one or two that I can connect with, primarily Ortho doctors.

I do not have disagreements with private physicians, but for some reason that's not the case with a majority of VA doctors. For some reason, they look down on me when I question their decisions, or explain how I believe the conditions occurred, and I have seen the arrogance with their response. Yet, I can speak to private doctors with PhDs' and we're in total agreement about the same condition(s)?! True, we have our disagreements, but it is civil, and it's a dialogue, not like the VA monologue!

Case in Point:
A surgical pin in my hip, was entering the joint space and is not the most pleasant experience. I hope that none of you have to endure this. The constant scratching of the hip socket by a screw pin can be compared to having a sharp sewing needle poking your eyeball. hurts like hell.

Anyway, I had discussions at first about my conditions, since I was 20-22 years old. All the DVA doctors recommended Hip Fusion! That is the absolute WORST thing to do, and it is an inexpensive way to resolve the painful hip problem. This is a medieval approach and could be extremely damaging to spinal components, due to Gait.
This was definitely not an option for me, because I had an L/2 compression fracture with a cord abutment (vertebra touches spinal cord). Yet, even though DVA doctors were made aware of the spinal conditions, they insisted that I had no other option...Until...

I spoke with an Orthopedic intern at Duke University in Durham, NC. He insisted with the same old hip fusion argument, UNTIL I told him of my L/2 problem.
His Professor agreed with me, thus FINALLY, I was authorized for surgery for the implantation of a total hip!

My point here is, if you do enough research on YOUR condition, do NOT settle for the first option, which you believe won't help your ailments! Tell the doctor of any other ailments that might be effected by any (inexpensive) procedure that the DVA wants to perform. I strongly believe that the DVA doctors DO NOT have your best interest in mind. Their agenda is to take credit for surgeries performed, for use in their resumes or surgeries performed (experience)!
A lot of you doctors may totally disagree with this next statement, but it's true when I say that Veterans are viewed to a large majority of you as "Guinea Pigs"! Sorry for being blunt, but it is true. The above statement in regard to hip fusion attests for this statement. Below at #1), you will see another example of how I was treated as such.

Be aware of what some of these doctors put into your medical file...
When you go to the clinic or hospital, get a copy of your medical writeup, and see the doctor if he/she made any errors. Remember: "Everything you say will be used against you in the decision process", then, Federal Court!
With THAT said, there's going to come to a time, where we will have to have an attorney or service officer present to insure that the exam goes fairly, and we are diagnosed accurately.
Even though the VA insists that a Geniometer (ROM device used) is to be used at Ortho exams, have you ever seen your examiner use one? I haven't in all the years that my Range of Motion was determined! It was guesstimated.

Allow me to give you a couple of examples of what doctors note in your file. These are in mine:

In 1978, I had surgery on my hip to remove pins that had penetrated the joint space. The jerk who performed the procedure botched it up, when he claimed that he could not get the pins loose to remove them.
They were threaded pins with retaining nuts to prevent shifting into the joint. Anyway, this JO decided to clip the pins even with the femur, and obviously had to leave the retaining nuts off. This unorthodox procedure (as one orthopedic doc. called it) put me in a predicament, because no other doctor is able to remove them (they were cut flush w/femur) and there were no retaining nuts to keep them from shifting. As active as I was years ago, this clearly put me in harms way.
You see, Knowles pins are threaded, and come as a kit from Zimmer Corp (the manufacturers) and they are to be used so that the pins don't unscrew. Sort of a "Lock Nut" system.
To add insult to injury (literally) this jackass examines me, and states:Full ROM/No Pain.
That's a CROCK, because the reason for the surgery is due to a protruding pin scratching the acetabular (joint space socket)! How can I have Full ROM, and not be in PAIN?

BVA officials AGREED to his claim, and not at the "Big Picture". Other doctors had stated that the pins MUST be removed. go figure...?! In addition to this crap, my operative report DISAPPEARED? Hmmmm...No evidence of a botch up/No case.

#2: Another reason for being aware of what some of these doctors put into your medical file...

Around 2001, one Primary Care Physician asked me why I didn't wear a back brace for my lower back condition. I replied with:
"Because I was told that wearing it constantly is NOT good, and causes atrophy if worn on a frequent's also uncomfortable causing chaffing, because it makes me sweat."
Anyone of you that wears a back brace, knows that anyone of these, if not, all of these statements are correct.
Yet, this jackass only wrote:
"...when asked why he doesn't wear a back brace, he (me) replied: 'it makes me sweat!'"
Now, how much of a horses ass do I appear to be, when someone of importance reviews this phrase? Won't I appear as unconcerned about my condition & uncooperative when it comes to advice from these morons?
This may appear as an insignificant statement, However, my file is riddled with a lot of these anecdotes of half truths, mis-statements and outright LIES!

NEW DILEMMA causing me to have to update this blog on 7/30/2010, involving doctors...

In late June early July I decided to obtain additional evidence through my local clinic. This is the only way that I was able to see an Ortho doctor. I set an appointment to find that I was assigned to a fairly new doctor. She is from India.
Now, I have nothing against people from India, but keep in mind that I had a botched surgery from a doctor who was also from India. I did not show any sort of discrimination, because of one idiot. So I greeted and treated her with respect.

After a few moments, I noticed that this doctor would not let me get a word in edgewise. I asked her if I can just set an appointment with an Ortho doctor, so that I can receive additional proof for a future surgery which I desperately need on my lumbar vertebrae. She decided to start rambling about my smoking and my cholesterol. Yes...I smoke and yes my cholesterol is slightly higher than normal.
I then asked if she would kindly set an appointment with the same hospital for an updated MRI. She complied.

On July 27 I appear for an MRI. The test was conducted and by the 30th the results were in to find that other than a compressed L/2 and a few disc bulges nothing else warranted surgery?! The MRI was read by a VA employee. This is 2010. In 2008, I had a private Neurologist conduct an MRI and he agreed with the 2005 reading and agreed that I should have Laser surgery. I also had significantly more than the 2010 opinion.
In 2005 the same VA facility conducted my first MRI, and being that it was read from an outside source, the opinion rendered then, is contradicting the opinion rendered on 2010. The ONLY difference is the 2005 MRI was read outside and the 2010 MRI is read from VA staff.

Surely a Foreminal narrowing didn't just "Vanish"?! There is also no mention of an abutement of L/2 against my spinal cord which is a primary concern in the 2005 and 2008 MRIs'.
WTF is going on here?
Did these conditions just disappear, OR did the VA employees reading this misread the disc?

On July 30th, I was scheduled to report for another visit to discuss the findings with my Primary Care Physician.
It was the same crap with the smoking and the cholesterol.

The surgery that I want to receive is at LSI. Laser Spine Institute has a non-evasive approach and it is an alternative to conventional surgery, and the use of metal junk inserted into the body. As opposed to this, LSI cuts a small 1" incision and the laser does the work. It is stated that you hop up off the table and immediately feel the difference.

This NEW quack is not allowing me to pursue this avenue, stating that these doctors didn't find any problems warranting surgery of this ARGUMENT ensued!
The smoking issue again came to the surface. She constantly kept changing the subject with the smoking issue, and when I told her that I smoked based on stress levels of DVA delays, my deteriorating house, pain down my leg, etc... she started on my diet/cholesterol and what I wanted to do to change that. She started with drugs to reduce the cholesterol, even after I told her that I didn't want to take drugs. I also told her that I cannot afford high quality food to reduce my cholesterol nor could I cook it due to the mold conditions in my house.

This BITCH then started with (as she put it) "Devils Advocate" when she asked:
"Well, why do you spend money on cigarettes instead of taking care of yourself?" if I were a fucking child! I got pissed, chewed her a new asshole, and left! I eagerly await her comments regarding this.

I am not a fucking cow, and will not be subjected to such treatment. TRUE she's a doctor, but we even debated on how the human skeletal system bends at the hips she claims that you bend at your back!?...OK!

Look...I broke my left hip at 13. I have always had a fascination with Orthopeadics.
I've read many articles on the subject for many years. I, and only I, am the one who suggested that a prosthesis be installed vs their hip welding techniques due to center of gravity changes and cause and effect to the L/2 and adjacent components.

It truly appears that these assholes are deliberately trying to inflict further injury instead of their proclaimed assistance.

I can have a civil conversation with a private physician but not with VA doctors. Why is it that when you start showing some knowledge of your condition, these assholes are in total denial and persist that their way is the way and that's that!

This woman has a specialty in internal medicine...not orthopedics. Why the Fuck is this stupidass agency hiring doctors that aren't specializing in conditions that most Veterans suffer from...ORTHOPEDICS/NEUROLOGICAL/BIOMECHANICAL?

Do you think that I am fabricating the facts here, to make my case seem legit?
Please allow me to show you what a well respected physician has to say about DVA doctors and how they follow "VA Protocol", as opposed to rendering an honest opinion:


"What if the VA Compensation and Pension exam disproves my claim?

Unfortunately, the C & P examination system is not designed in the veterans favor. Many times, the VA denies a veterans claim based on the medical evidence the VA itself has provided. The primary care and specialist providers at the VA clinics are restricted in what they can say about your condition. These doctors work for the VA; therefore, they must follow VA guidelines and internal policies."

This statement speaks for itself, and gives undeniable support to my claim.

The DVA doesn't give a damn about you, despite what they preach. Trust me, the decks are stacked against the Veteran as opposed to caring for the Veteran.

They will waste tax payer dollars to DENY, rather than approve a claim. This recent episode, and the many years of denials in MY case establishes this claim.

The DVA is hell bent to DENY you rather than support you...
Placing a Veteran in the appeal hell, is their ploy, in hoping that you give up. The delay game is hoping that you give up and/or die. Haven't any of you heard the story, which appears in the news about how a soldier dies in battle, he/she is paid, and the DoD demands the difference of pay back? OR... A Veteran dies, and the DVA demands all of the money back?! How tacky is that?!
CBSs' broadcast hit the nail upon the head!!! "Delay, Deny, and Hope that I Die!"
Do you see the delay game being played out here, when the DVA sends me to one C&P exam and then sends me to another less than a year later? Is their case (so they don't have to payout a huge retroactive check) that deficient that they're trying to gather more negative notations from THEIR biased doctors, that don't have the Ortho background to render an accurate opinion?

Back to what I had stated earlier regarding the ALJ ORDERING an ORTHOPEDIC exam...
What you have just read, gives credence to my argument, being that when I threatened the RO with a CONTEMPT charge against those you FAILED to follow an ALJ's ORDER, the RO RETALIATED against me, by sending my file back to the DVA to be decided upon, based on their fact that I refused to appear to a C&P exam. Yet, I possess the preponderance here, being that the clinic that I was supposed to report to has no Orthopedic doctors, that also possess Neurological background/education.
In short, a C&P examiner may have a 'Basic' knowledge, but is not qualified enough to render an opinion regarding "Cause and Effect". This is where a specialist in Ortho/Neuro/Bio Mechanics comes in to play.

How the RO comes into this dilemma...

When I worked at my RO, I asked if a lot of these claims are being approved, being that they were zipping through lots of them. One manager had stated that they do approve most claims during a particular time frame.
A Quota Bonus is paid to resolve the overwhelming claims stacked up everywhere, within so much time, and the RO that has the most resolutions wins a CASH bonus...Did I say CASH?! I certainly did!!!

In my life, I have learned that Haste makes Waste. The manager somewhat mislead me, because they review the EASY claims, and for the rest of us, you're screwed. If they did view your claim, and it possesses two to more issues, and requires an adjudicator to go back into your history, especially through a multi volume file, the majority simply won't do it and you are forced into an appeal mode. Your folder just collects dust and/or is used as a bookend (SEE pictures below).

Remember, I have 35 years of paperwork, that adjudicators have to thumb through. Being that a manager is hovering over this poor soul, so that he can buy a new set of golf clubs with the quota bonus, I have a snowballs chance in hell of getting a fair shake. This ignoring of issues, even though I mention it over and over, is ignored, because these people are pressured to perform and just assume tossing it into appeal status. It's the "Let someone else handle it" mentality at play here!
This ignoring and forcing it into an appeal, and a DENY, is a blatant denial of Procedural Due Process, cut and dry, and it is not only morally wrong, but a violation of law!

So, when it is all said and done, I've HAD IT!

You've been led here for a few reasons... Because, I vowed to form a Class Action Lawsuit w/a financial settlement! Plain and Simple.
There are a lot of you reading this, that have had enough of the bureaucratic crap that this agency throws at us on a daily basis.

Since my original writing of this, I've not only thought about a lot of things, but I've listened to different viewpoints AND for those who don't or didn't respond, I read into their message to.
Those that didn't respond are afraid of losing their benefit(s). I understand this wholeheartedly, and decided on another option for you folks. This is going to work for ALL VETERANS, and you don't have to worry about a thing.
Personally, I want out.

If I may, I would like to state this first...
Life is to short to have to deal with this incompetent agency, that choose to play games, violate law, and ASSume that we're all looking for a handout.
Our injuries are nothing but a Workmans' Compensation Claim...That's it in a nutshell, and I don't care how they want to slice and dice it.

As you may be aware, a WC claim is in place, so that you, the injured worker doesn't sue the employer. This protects the employer from numerous lawsuits, especially when the job is hazardous. Our job as a soldier was hazardous, and a lot of us were injured. Therefore, if we are not treated as injured individuals, what recourse do we have other than a lawsuit, if we aren't cared for as promised?!

Veterans for Common Sense has a case still being decided upon, by a San Fran court, for the many due process violations. My case in particular harps on the same numerous due process violations that have occurred throughout my life, especially the blatant denial to my threats of suing in 1984 for Medical Malpractice, and the DVA denied my due process when they failed sending me the appropriate form(s), and advising me how to file an administrative claim, pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). They now claim Statute of Limitations (SOL) arguments! This releases them off the legal hook. They Deliberately ignored the threat, and instead wrote on the 4138 form "NOD?".

I am sick and tired of living in deplorable conditions, almost losing my house, impeccable credit is destroyed, and of being in constant pain with my back and hip, all based on the inept attitude of these incompetent, uncaring people. I even sent a hardship to was IGNORED! My house is literally falling they give a damn? This blog is the result!

What makes me laugh, is the DVA's attempt to assist us with our bouts of depression, Suicide and Homelessness. Yet, isn't the DVA the CAUSE of most Suicides and for all the homeless Veterans with their bullshit political delay games!
In effect, aren't these people wasting more taxpayer money to assist us with Suicidal tendencies and homelessness, when all they have to do is change their way of doing business?

I DO NOT have an attorney, nor, can I afford one. I do hope that it's just a matter of time, when people see that we are serious, and DEMAND action, not lip service.

OK...Here are the options for those of you that want OUT w/settlement...

: I want to be able to handle my own affairs with a settlement from the DVA!

IF you have similar or worst problems, involving this inept Veterans Administration, then you and I must join together. This blog is just the tip of the iceberg in my case, and does not reflect on the case as a whole. It is a small example of what has transpired in my life.

Your case has to have multiple violations in Constitutional, (including procedural due process), denial of due process pursuant to FTCA regulations, any sort of Discriminatory Act (written documentation of Age, Disability, Sex, Religion, Racial, etc,), Denial of your rights to see a specialist in your disability through your primary care physician, Slander/Libel/Defamatory comments in your file, which can lead to frequent (2 or more instances) denials to the same claim, denial of your rights to an expeditious resolution to your claim (avg.6-8 years+).

If you want to partake in a class action against the Dept. of Veteran affairs, please contact me via email, and describe your dilemma. Please don't send multiple pages of problems, please keep it short and sweet. If you have many issues, summarize it, and include dates.

Please keep in mind that this is coming out of MY pocket. I cannot afford the slew of paper and ink + wear and tear on my computer equipment and printer. So, PLEASE keep it short, but descriptive as possible. Describe in detail how you believe the DVA shortchanged you and denied you the benefits that you were truly entitled to. Do not get into your personal case, if possible, just how did they violate your right(s).

Last, but not least...
I cannot guaranty that your claim will be a part of mine. I also cannot guarantee that a case will transpire from this at all. That all depends on the severity of the claims that I receive, if I even receive any. I want to get as few as 1 thousand separate cases to proceed.
Furthermore, this is a claim for me to be removed from the DVA roles altogether w/settlement.
This means that ALL medical issues are to be handled by you, and only you, once the DVA settles.
If a case cannot transpire, for a number of reasons, I WILL submit this information to my Senator Richard Burr, (Senate Committee on the Department of VA) and if Mr. Sullivan Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) requires this in HIS case, I will submit this to him, and/or his attorneys if he wishes. I may even submit these to an investigative reporter.

My ultimate goal is to get the governments attention, and not depend on Advocacy groups to do this. I commend them for their actions, however I do not believe that they are taken seriously by the corrupt, lopsided court system.
OPTION B: For those of you who are Leary about leaving the DVA, and want to remain...

I can honestly say that I don't blame you. I to am Leary about this. A lot of you do not have the negative notations in your file as I have. Keep in mind that I have 35 years of negative notes, which are forcing decision makers to constantly delay and/or deny me, which in turn is violating my rights.

I truly hope that you have a copy of ALL your files. Look through the ENTIRE file once you possess it. Set an appointment to review your file with a DVA rep, and make damn sure that all negative notations are explained, and if necessary removed if they are untrue/inaccurate! If you don't it WILL be used against you later on down the road, when you REALLY need your claim to be resolved expeditiously.

Now, for those of you that choose to remain... STATE EXACTLY THAT, that you DO NOT want to be removed from the roles. All I ask is that you disclose your FIRST name, and your State in which you reside. Also include ANY VIOLATION that you believe took place. In effect, I WILL respect your privacy!!! It is also worth noting that the DVA CANNOT retaliate, intimidate, threaten or even coerce anyone for partaking in a lawful activity.

With THAT said, any email sent will be not only utilized in the case as support in OPTION "A", but will be submitted to the Gov't Committees/Subcommittees responsible for over site of the DVA.

I concocted this idea to actually force change in a system that is literally disorganized.
My primary goal is to change the following ways the DVA does business:
#1) Get rid of that DAMN Quota Bonus. It promotes GREED, and in turn promotes Violation in Law, a Gross Waste of Taxpayer funds, Gross Mismanagement (of Vet claims), and an Abuse of Authority, when people are unnecessarily thrown into an appeal status. These are the 3 prongs required for a Whistleblower claim!
#2) People WORK for a paycheck...Eliminate Pot Lucks/Retirement parties during business hours!!!
#3) The DVA is in the prehistoric age...Go PAPERLESS! Technology is here when we can install gigabytes of info on a chip! This will free up enough space to hire more people, AND...
#4) Start a SECOND (swing) SHIFT, so that the numerous amount of back claims can be resolved in a timely manner.
#5) In regard to fairness to Veterans, every doctor will have legitimate plaque mounted to show their education and/or experience in their field of expertise from an accredited collage/university, displayed where the Veteran being examined can see it. This shouldn't be considered offensive to the doctor, in fact they should be proud of their accomplishments.
#6) Veterans should have the right to see a doctor of THEIR choice within the DVA system, and in accordance to their particular ailment(s)/disability, so that accurate tests are scheduled, and that they are accurately diagnosed.
#7) Veterans should be allowed to contest (appeal) the C&P diagnosis, and are granted the right to a DVA paid IMO. (This right will force the C&P doctors to render fair and just opinions to Vets w/NO bias).
#8) Employees of the DVA should be held accountable for their actions, if it is found that they violated ANY Law stipulated under Title 38, US Code, or the Constitution.
#9) Veterans are Human Beings for Christ sakes and have suffered from conditions attributable to the defense of our nation. Doctors should be held accountable for their actions, when they fail to render: The proper testing for ailments reported, render an accurate, honest and thorough opinion of the ailment(s),including the most up to date options to resolve the issue(s), and perform the proper and most up to date surgery in the Best Interest of the Vet Patient! If they fail to comply, their license to practice should be suspended until an investigation renders the outcome.
#10) Doctors conducting C&P exams, should examine Veterans on a de novo basis (w/o access to the Veterans claim folder), so that Veterans are granted a Fair and Just C&P exam, w/o other doctor opinions, which could influence the present examiner. The DVA should ONLY specify what ailment the Veteran is being examined for, and whether it is Service Connected or considered as proximate to.

Just implementing these 10 steps, will drastically resolve a huge majority of problems that the DVA is having. These are not radical rules if everyone follows the law. If they are not implemented, then the situation will only get worse when the troops in theater now return home and find their claims are 8 years old. This is NOT the message or the Business as Usual mentality that we want to send our new Vets!
Please allow time for me to review your cases. Some will take a few days at the start, and as time progresses, it will take longer.

I'm working on other issues at this time, so please be patient.

When responding to my email please DO NOT include your social or claim numbers! That will come later when it is asked for, if the need arises, and either by VA and/or Gov't. officials, or a lawyer.
If ANYONE asks me for your info, I WILL email you and ask for your permission FIRST and/or give you the appropriate address or contact info, so that your privacy is not compromised!!!

Final note: Do YOU have any ideas on making a change with the DVA? Please leave a comment, so that ALL can see!

Additionally, if anyone is a writer, I do have a story to tell for a book, regarding the Judicial System! It will also explain the hardship cases that a lot of you are involved with in this agency.

My email is:


p.s.: The pictures below are a few months to a year after I worked at the VA. The pictures depict the disorganization of the system. This is why mail is lost!

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